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Icotek:  Smart Cable Management

Icotek has been successfully developing innovative systems for cable entry and EMC cable shielding for over 15 years.  Their patented cable entry systems are used in a variety of industries and application areas.  Their products are used in machine tool, railroad, solar, packing machines, automation and robotics. The Icotek product range is complemented by innovative solutions for EMC cable shielding.  They ensure the safe operation of machinery and equipment by reliably and efficiently reducing high frequency interferences at the cable shield.

Key Product Lines

  • Cable entry Frames for Cables with Connectors (Grommet Based)
  • Cord Grips / Cable Glands for cables with Connectors
  • Cable Entry Plates for cables without Connectors (Membrane Based)
  • Brush Cable Pass-Through
  • Strain Relief & Cable Management
  • EMC Cable Shield Clamps
  • ATEX Cable Entry Systems
  • Control Panel & Enclosure Accessories