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Moltec IP69K Fittings: High Pressure, High Temperature wash-down protection

Moltec is pleased to announce that their entire fitting program now offers the highest degree of ingress protection for sizes NW36 (1-1/4") and NW48 (1-1/2").  Testing was performed by spraying the fittings with pressurized hot water at a temperature of 176°F from a distance of 6".  Spraying was continuous for 30 seconds at angles of 90°, 60°, 30° and 0° at a pressure of 1450 psi.

IP69K is the industry standard for protecting electrical installations against rigorous high pressure, high temperature wash-down processes. Our standard IP68 fittings achieve the IP69K rating without the use of extra components, accessories or modifications. This ensures you receive optimal performance without complicated or expensive upgrades.


  • Maximum water protection from pressure/stream jets up to 1450 psi
  • No added cost
  • No extra components required