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improving profitability

The team at Frontier Electric is always looking for ways to help our customers improve their profitability. We know that is a sure fire way to get and maintain our customers over the long haul. Long lasting and solid customer relationships cannot be built on price alone; we must find ways to create a value package that our customers appreciate. So whether it is a customized shipping schedule or customized packaging solutions or a VMI program these are just a few of the things Frontier Electric can help with in order to improve your profitability.

solving challenges

We firmly believe at Frontier Electric that the fastest way to earn a customer’s business is to solve a problem or help them with a challenging application. In order to do this we make sure we are constantly engaging our customers with new products and solutions that come our way on a regular basis. Too many times the question we hear is “What can we help you with today?” The question we want to ask our customers is “Do you have a problem we can help you solve today?” So then the question is….What problem can we help you solve today?

VAlue Added Services

Packaging Solutions
Cable &
Wire Cutting
Vendor Managed Inventory
Custom Rail Assemblies
Marking & Engraving
Packaging Solutions
Frontier Electric can meet any of your custom packaging requirements. We can supply both internal and external customized labels to aid in the receiving of our shipments. We can also provide your customer specific part numbers on all correspondence from packing slips and invoices as well as on each individual part. If you have a specific packaging request we can help.
Cable & Wire Cutting
Need specific cut lengths on your wire and cable? We can help. Need custom reel sizes or reel material? We can help. Need custom wire colors or stripping? We can help. Look to us to provide the cable solution that best fits your needs.
Vendor Managed Inventory
“Just in time” is a phrase used regularly in today’s world of purchasing and procurement. At Frontier Electric we believe that just in time means different things to different people. A one size fits all approach to just in time is not what we believe in at Frontier. We work closely with our customers to develop programs that best suits their inventory needs for today and tomorrow because we all know things do change. So tell us…What does just in time me to you?
Custom Rail Assemblies
Let Frontier Electric help you design, layout, label and build your terminal block rail assemblies. Our layout and design capabilities with ABB products can help you reduce cost and save time in part specification and labor. We can also provide custom marking services for most major terminal block companies. Please ask how we can help you on any current or future terminal rail projects.
Marking & Engraving
Whether it is custom nameplates, internal panel labels or external machine labels Frontier Electric can help. We have a full library of labels that may be required in today’s global business environment. So if it needs to identified or marked we can help provide a solution for all of your identification needs.

Have a complex custom project that requires engineering expertise? We can help.

Frontier Electric is more than a product distributor; we are a team of informed and dedicated personnel willing to help you solve your unique challenges. It is our goal to help you work smarter and build better..

"Frontier was with us during the entire process, ensuring our component selection both met our needs while still maintaining production budgets. Frontier Electric is our #1 source for logic controls and electrical components." - OEM Machine Manufacturer